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Click on the picture, print it and hang it around the house before Pesach to get the kids to guess the connection between the picture and Pesach
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Running to freedom 2.jpg
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It all started with this coat of Yosef!

Moshe was trying to grab these precious diamonds....

... and instead, an angel pushed Moshes hand to touch these burning coals, which scarred Moshe for life.

This is where Hashem first appeared to משה

Moshe showing concern for the sheep

Paroh pretended to be a GD and never use the bathroom. In reality he went to the Nile every morning. It is here that Moshe approached Paroh.

This picture can either speak about freedom or slavery

People doing back breaking labor

Not only did we have to do hard work, the woman had to do the mens job!


Building brick walls in Egypt

The Jews had to do backbreaking
labor and build walls under very difficult conditions.

Jewish mothers had 6 babies at a time!

Every body of water turned into red

During the plague of frogs, the frogs went EVERYWHERE!


When the plague of lice came, everyone had to constantly scratch their heads


There were so many locusts, the skies seemed black!

This is a pile of dead animals after the plague of Dever

Chosech, notice the full moon on the 15th of Nisan.


People running to freedom

People running to freedom

This picture should bring up conversations about freedom.

This is the Yam Suf splitting into two paths


These 4 cups represent the 4 languages of redemption

Show this video to your children and notice how each persons work is canceled out by the other person. This shows how all of our hard work was for nothing. 
Makkos Bechoros happened at excatly midnight.
door post.jpg
The Jews painted their door post red, so the Jewish homes would be identified.
These are the in fountains Egpyt where all the water turned to blood!!
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